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UAE, India Push To Streamline Worker Certification In New Mechanism

Indians who wish to work in the United Arab Emirates may now expect a better, much streamlined mechanism of getting proper training and certification for them to work in the UAE. This new initiative would hopefully help solve the apparent mismatch of qualifications of workers from India with requirements not recognized by authorities in the UAE.

This strategic plan and partnership will involve mutual recognition of qualifications and skill development. The push for a streamlined process will come in the form of a better institutional mechanism that allows Indian workers to get their qualifications recognized by authorities in the UAE, and hopefully push for better wages.

While the initiative is focused on certification and skills development of workers, the initiative will workeralso push to develop strategic and ambitious programs that will make use of emerging technologies and industries the two nations can leverage on. Part of the first phase of the initiative is for India to supply coders with blockchain specialization to the UAE in order to start aligning the certification and training programs of India to that of the UAE.


Push for Cooperation, Modernization

India and the UAE have officially launched the initiative at a forum in Dubai, as organized by UAE and India’s various ministries.

This cooperation between India and the UAE would hopefully be able to facilitate better communication on the skill and certification requirements for Indians seeking employment in the UAE. This also allows India to be able to align its skill-development initiatives to fit the requirements in UAE’s job market.

Omar Al Nuaimi, Emiratisastion Assistant Undersecretary said the partnership may also pave way for both nations to be able to keep up with various advanced technologies in many sectors. Part of this is the push for aligning and designing certification and training programs that can benefit both nations.

This may also pave way for a newer, more developed generation of workers that can tap into all sectors.


More than 134,000 Indian workers in UAE in 2017

The push for a more streamlined certification system is not without basis, especially since recent data revealed more than 134,000 Indians have in fact made their way to UAE in 2017 thanks to the eMigrate system in India. The system controls the emigration of workers such as sailors, qualified nurses, and blue-collar workers that are looking for jobs abroad.

However, there’s the possibility that the number of Indian workers in UAE are much higher than anticipated due to the fact that some Indians might be working but under a visiting Visa.

Regardless, efforts to integrate both eMigrate with the UAE-based online recruitment for Indian workers have been going smoothly so far. Navdeep Singh Suri, the UAE’s Indian Ambassador, said workers that have been recruited via the eMigrate feature can now get pre-departure training and orientation before leaving India.

India is also making a stronger push towards fixing the gap when it comes to the market requirement training given to job seekers. This is also courtesy of India’s ambitious programs that are focused on skill-development.







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