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Rental Property Real Estate Investors Houston TX: 4 Tips To Make The Best Out Of Your Investment

Houston’s population increases each year due to the countless job opportunities available. The rise in demand makes rental homes popular for outsiders who want to start living there. If you happen to have real estate in Houston Texas, renting out your property would be an excellent source of income. With rising rental demands, you can get considerable profit. 

However, having a rental can be costly because of the maintenance necessary. To cover its expenses, you should make the best out of your rental property.  

Here are tips to maximize profit from your rental: 

1. Generate Revenue Streams

Investing in real estate needs constant coaching. It refreshes your knowledge and enhances your skills. To learn more and be updated on the new trends in real estate investing, contact the Best Real Estate Directory. Aside from renting out your property, add some services or facilities needed by your tenants. You can place vending machines or coin-operated laundromat in your property.

By adding these revenue streams, you can also raise your rental capitalization rate. To make your property generate more cash flow, here are other revenue streams you can add: 

  • Offer house cleaning, laundry or landscaping when signing your agreement. Some may be willing to pay extra for other people to work on their extra responsibilities. 
  • Implement pet fees. If tenants increase their pets stated on your contract, charge them for an additional one. 
  • If your rental is an apartment type, charge tenants who use your parking lot. 
  • If you have extra rooms like shed, attic like let renters use it as a storage space. But charge a little fee for such use. 

2. Consider real estate appeal

Your rental property needs a makeover after years of occupancy to erase signs of worn out. When you keep your rental in excellent shape, you attract more renters and those renters bring you more money. To make your rental appear brand-new, renovate or redecorate it. To avoid decreasing its value when remodeling, check on the following tips to make the best out of your rental: 

  • Replace appliances or fixtures that have been in constant repair to reduce the long-term cost of maintenance. 
  • Modernize your kitchen by changing light fixtures, faucets, cabinets, because most tenants are more likely to rent homes with a modern kitchen. 
  • Make your bathroom appear brand new by reglazing your bathtub, sink, toilet bowl, etc.. 
  • Brighten your space by painting lighter colors on walls and ceilings. 

3. Decrease Vacancy

A vacancy on your rental for too long could cost you much. Not having tenants will decrease your monthly cash flow. Therefore, reducing your rental vacancy saves you from jeopardizing your investment. The only way to keep your rental business going is to have tenants. To maximize your return on investment, you need paying tenants to occupy it throughout the year.  

If you have been experiencing an increasing rate of vacancy, evaluate your rental property. There may be things you need to repair or fix to attract renters. Here are other ways to keep your rental from being vacant: 

  • Check online reviews of your property to know if there are negative feedbacks from previous tenants. If there are, apologize and address it immediately. Negative feedbacks tend to hinder potentials renters from signing a lease. 
  • Register on rental listings whether online or print media. The more outlets you have, the more audience will see your rentals. 
  • Don’t set screening criteria too high. It’s okay to cautious when choosing tenants. But the more strict you are, the more difficult it is to fill your rental. 
  • Allow pets on your property. It will increase the number of potential tenants you can choose. 

4. Increase Rental Price

Pricing your rental too low will fill it quickly. However, you will not earn from it. You must calculate the cost and revenue to ensure a profit when setting your rental fee. Also, your rent price should coincide with the market value of your property. Therefore, you must increase your rent price as the market value increases.  

You can increase your rental fee strategically to bring more revenue by doing the following: 

  • Know the rents in your area. Use Zillow, Craigslist, Rentometer, etc. to research your location and its rental property rates. 
  • Add new facilities or appliances, lightings, flooring, or renovation. 
  • If your rental property is vacant during peak seasons like summer, increase rental fee at this time as rentals increase during this season. 


Making the most out of your rental property in Houston is not hard as flocks of people are coming each year. All you need is to manage and keep it in a desirable rental property. When you follow the tips mentioned, you can surely add more revenue to your rentals. Moreover, increasing your property’s value makes your rental fee higher, too. 

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