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Louvre Abu Dhabi Attracts Critics, Enthusiasts Worldwide For UAE Opening – Why You Should Also Pay Attention

If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ve most likely heard about the popular Louvre – though you may be thinking of the famous structure in France. There will be a new Louvre, one in the United Arab Emirates, which will open its doors to the rest of the world this Saturday, May 5, a little after a decade since France allowed the UAE to use the historic Louvre name.

According to CNN, this is part of a whopping $1-billion agreement in between the UAE and Agence France-Museums to have a Louvre be made in Abu Dhabi, and fans and enthusiasts will now be able to see what’s in store for viewers worldwide. Here’s why you should pay attention:

1.) It takes the “universal” aspect of global creativity: Abu Dhabi’s Louvre boasts a number of vast departments that encompasses various stages of mankind’s art history. Interestingly, the structure’s signature appearance also extends just as much creativity indoors, as it appears Louvre Abu Dhabi’s goals to “retell” mankind’s history through art will be done in a “seamless” fashion.

2.) It showcases remarkable ingenuity in engineering: Louvre Abu Dhabi’s design is courtesy of Jean Nouvel, a Pritzker Prize-winning architect. Given the prestige associated with the Pritzker, it’s no wonder Louvre Abu Dhabi is nothing sort of dazzling. The dome is created with 7,850 aluminum stars that made it a whopping 591 feet tall and weighs just over 7,700 tons. The surprising fact is that this is just the roof. The museum is constructed from 503,000 cubic meters of sand on dry rock. Now, the pools around the museum are now filled with water, adding to its luster. Not to mention, the Louvre in the UAE now has its own marina for those with private yachts.

louvre23.) It has some of the world’s most cherished art: During the past decade during the creation of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority also took its time making sure the museum was worthy of showcasing some of the world’s most cherished masterpieces. For instance, things such as a well-preserved Central Asia-based Bactrian princess sculpture, a Quran written in Kufic script from the 9th century, and Bellini’s “Madonna and Child,” are just some of the pieces in the museum. Borrowed Da Vinci and Van Gogh works, as well as Claude Monet’s “The Saint-Lazare Station,” are also expected to be in the museum

4.) It will also feature works from new artists as well: The Louvre in Abu Dhabi will also feature works from popular artists today, such as painter Jenny Holzer and sculptor Giuseppe Penone, who created works exclusively for the museum.

5.) It can improve the Middle Eastern art market: Abu Dhabi’s Louvre will also be in a place to help push the Middle Eastern market for artists and enthusiasts. This will allow collectors and other interested people to create a deeper understanding of art history, and can push for the region to have a foothold of its own when it comes to art sellers and buyers.

6.) It will have a research center of its own: The Louvre in Abu Dhabi is not just a museum, however, but it will also have a research center of its own. Scholars, enthusiasts, and researchers will have various opportunities to understand and study the current collection in the museum and future artworks to be placed in its halls.

7.) It will have a section for children: And perhaps the highlight of all is a museum in the Louvre dedicated for children. Visitors between ages six and 12 can actually go to the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Children Museum and enjoy its engaging and educational space. Children with an interest in art, colors, and shapes, will be able to interact with engaging displays and artworks.

If you’re up for quite the historic reveal that will tickle your artistic sensitives, perhaps the Louvre in Abu Dhabi might be up your alley. Be sure to stay tuned to get a glimpse of some more of its various features that art critics, fans, and enthusiasts will surely be able to enjoy.




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