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Interstate Moving And Real Estate: How To Sell Properties To Local Clients

Doing real estate can be both fun and challenging, especially when you have to consider the many fields under the industry you can specialize in. One of the tricky branches of real estate involves selling properties to people who undergo interstate moving – but this doesn’t necessarily mean the endeavor is impossible. In fact, given the right tools, approach, and real estate coaching program, you may be able to sell properties to local clients during their move.  

Interstate Moving: Getting Real Estate to Work for Movers and Travelers 

When dealing with real estate for moving clients, you have to remember that securing leads, marketing, and other business processes work very differently compared with dealing with clients who are staying in their own homes. As such, some factors that you normally consider when selling properties to “ordinary” clients may have to be modified when dealing with local clients who move interstate.

Here are some of them: 

  • Try to find clients through movers in your areas of interest:

    Interstate movers such as North American Van Lines may actually help lead you to clients that may be interested in buying properties you offer. This is especially if they’re well connected with clients of various social statuses and conditions. You may ask these movers to advertise you through handing out flyers or directing you to neighborhoods with properties for sale that may pique your interest for acquisition.  

  • Do not neglect good presentation of your offerings: 

    When it comes to appealing to interstate movers, or at least those who are thinking of moving, it’s important to give your best in your first pitch. This means whenever you present properties to prospective homeowners, make it a healthy habit of presenting high-quality photos and other media. With the existence of editing tools and advanced cameras, there are no excuses for poor-quality photos that are blurry or grainy. When you make a listing, make sure the photos are crisp, clear, and free of distractions.  

  • Create and release content that actually offers value: 

    While the priority here is to sell properties, this isn’t always possible during “lean season” where the market isn’t that active. You can actually use this time to send and share relevant content that they can apply to their lives as buyers and sellers of property. If you produce content that can be shared, this increases your potential client base as your content also exposes you as a brand.  

  • Being active in social media makes it easier to relate to customers: 

    If your goal is to try to appeal to interstate movers, social media can be your best bet. Aside from the variety of platforms to choose from, websites and social media platforms themselves provide opportunities to expose you to groups and communities interested in buy and sell. If you actively post in social media, you’ll soon potentially get the traction you need to generate audience appeal. Establish a strategy that helps you create engaging content that not only intrigues readers but also encourages them to participate.  

  • Clean your database for easier, smoother follow up:

    If you have bad data and bad data presentation, you may not be able to maximize your marketing opportunities. This may also cause a lot of spam reports, unsubscribes, and bounces that may hurt your overall performance. Regularly clean your data. Not only that, but when people do subscribe to your service and show interest in buying or selling properties, do follow up with them within 48 hours. 

  • Add a live chat feature to your site if possible:

    If you’re trying to appeal to an online audience that plans on moving interstate, you may be able to maximize your engagements with them with a live chat feature. This allows customers to immediately ask you questions that you can promptly answer. This encourages them to stay in your site to wait for responses instead of leaving your website to search for answers.  

Interstate Moving and Real Estate Do Mix 

Real estate might appear to be a confusing endeavor especially if you’re dealing with interstate moving. However, marketing yourself to local clients in new areas can be quite a thrill, especially if you know just how to approach them from different points of view. Remember the above points so you can modify your marketing strategy and find ways to properly approach your customers and encourage them to buy properties from you. 

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