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How To Sell A House Online In 2020

All thanks to technology, now it’s so much easier to sell your house. You’re not limited only to traditional means of selling homes, which can take time. Now, you’ve also got many avenues online for you to sell your home, which can be faster. Because almost everyone is connected to the internet now, it should be no surprise for you that before people will even physically inspect a home, they’ll run to the Internet first to research and know more about the property. This medium makes it an attractive starting point for house sellers. 

If you’re leaning towards selling a house this year, read through below to learn more about how to sell a home online this year: 

1. Seek The Help Of An Online Real Estate Agent

Because you’re choosing to sell a house online, it’s only but fitting that you’ll also seek the help of a real estate agent. Yes, you can very well make an effort by yourself. But, it also pays to have an online real estate agent helping you out. Remember, these professionals know the ins and outs of selling homes by heart. Especially when you’re in a rush, they can put your house out there in the market, faster. 

Most importantly, also, real estate agents can help you identify which of the multiple listing services online are most trustworthy.

Here are other compelling reasons why working with a real estate agent is beneficial for you: 

  • They can value your home in the best possible way, such that you end up with a good profit on your property 
  • They know what it is that sellers are looking for, so they meet this need, so your home gets sold faster 
  • They have the best negotiating skills that generally offer a lower price for your home, taking into consideration all of the repairs that they’ll still have to go through 

With a real estate agent by your side, you’re also lowering the risks of committing any of the common mistakes done when selling a house. 

2. Market Your Property Across Different Platforms

Even when you have a real estate agent by your side, that’s helping you out, this isn’t to say that you’re going to leave full responsibility for selling your home to them. It’s also up to you to do your part in marketing your property across different platforms. For example, even if you’ve already listed your property on multiple listing sites, do your part also on your social media sites. Post photos and regularly update about your property up for sale. You can even include sending out emails, too. That way, you’re increasing the chances of getting more people to know about your sale. 

Apart from listing sites and your social media account, you can post your property also on the sites of We-Buy-Houses companies. These are companies that gladly purchase your house immediately as it is, without need for improvements, in exchange for cash. 

3. Post Impressive Photos Of Your Home

If you have friends who know how to take good photos, then post excellent pictures of your home. Before you even take photos, take the time also to stage your house. In so doing, before you present it out to the greater public online, your house already looks very impressive. This isn’t to say that you’re going to make your home look anything different from what it is. But, staging means that you’re going to post the best angles of your house, with its best features. Doing this can help enhance the marketability of your home. 

That said, here are tips for you to follow also when staging your home: 

  • Boost the curb appeal of your home, so that photos of your façade look inviting 
  • Get rid of all the unnecessary clutter in your home 
  • Make your house very clean 
  • Have a bright and well-lit look in all of the areas 
  • Style your dining room table 
  • Posting wall images of non-personal photos  

4. Always Respond To Queries

When you sell your home online, chances are, you’ll also be flooded with a lot of inquiries and questions. Whenever people respond to your posts through comments, emails, and direct or personal messages, take the time to respond to these immediately. That way, you’re keeping the conversation about your house for sale alive. Who knows, as you react fast to all these queries, you may also close a deal on your home right as soon as you post it. 

 5. Remove Any Personal Items

As you post updated photos of your home, make it a point also that you’ve already started to remove any personal items. Potential homebuyers don’t like it when they still see personal items around the house. These things serve as a nuisance, whereby it will be harder for these potential buyers to imagine what life is going to be like in your home.  

When someone over the Internet also asks for more photos of certain areas in your home, be sure to send these photos. As you do so, be wary of all the possible visual distractions in your home. 


Over the recent years, online selling sights have soared and ballooned. This fact may be due to how more and more house sellers are trusting the online platform as their preferred source in selling their homes and more so as house buyers also rely on the Internet for their purchases. While this platform may seem like an easier one compared with all the other means of selling a house, this doesn’t mean that you can relax and be lazy about it. It still takes a lot of effort on your end. In so doing, keep these tips enumerated above in mind. 

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