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4 Tips To Find Reputable Moving Companies In New York City

 If you’ve finally landed that dream home, and you need to move your furniture and precious belongings, here are tips you can follow to find an expert moving company in New York City. After all, you’d only want the best in the field to handle your goods.  

1. Ask your contacts for their recommendations and reviews.  

Get referrals from your family and friends. Chances are, they’ll know someone who has had a positive experience with a moving company in your locality.  

You may get first-hand reviews from your neighbors and friends. By doing this, you can have a short list of your potential moving companies.  

2. Do your own research.  

Armed with your shortlist, start researching to see which ones have good reputations online. Websites like Yelp publish reviews from legitimate customers of popular businesses. Companies with only a few online reviews are usually newcomers, and may sometimes have insufficient experience in the industry. 

Be sure to check prospective movers’ online presence, and verify their contact details by giving them a call at their office number. You can gauge the company’s professionalism in how they respond to your inquiries.  

3. Request for home visits and estimates.  

Reputable moving companies usually do their on-site inspections before they commit to giving actual cost estimates. Stay away from moving companies that insist they can give you an estimate via phone or email. Professional movers take their jobs seriously, and won’t give you estimates without seeing the sites and your belongings first. 

4. Compare estimates of two companies or more. 

Once you’ve contacted a few prospective companies, compare the estimates that you’ve collected and see which ones are more attractive. While studying various proposals, make sure that the companies’ rates are transparent. Stay away from movers with vague charges. Experienced movers usually have a set price list depending on distance and number of people to be hired. Avoid quotations with lump sum totals and no itemized cost entries.  


Relocating to another home is an exciting adventure. Make moving a positive experience by working with the right people.  

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